What Our Guests Say about Cyfannedd Fach

From time to time our guests write to us after their stay. This is what one family had to say:

Dear John,

It's been a few weeks already since we came back from Wales - we were there from 28th July until 4th of August. Since then we plunged back in our busy jobs (= my apologies for this late feedback).

We usually don't get into writing to the cottage owner after our holidays, but we had such an extraordinary experience in Cyfannedd Fach that I feel the urge to write you a small mail to thank you for sharing such a beautiful place with us (and the other visitors of course).

We arrived in the driving rain on the evening of the 28th. By the time we got at the Tovey's we really got a "Wuthering Heights" kind of feeling. We didn't miss the last turn right, and found ourselves "diving into the unknown". Thoughts like "what if there is no cottage at the end of this road" and "I can't back up in reverse in the dark if we get stuck" crossed our minds. Once inside the cottage I remember us sitting together silently in the cocoon the cottage offers - only the sound of rain and a bit of wind outside. But after lighting a fire our minds settled, and we all got to bed.

The next morning the sun was shining, and the weather would be warm and stable until the time we left (kind of "South-of France" weather but with a much better temperature of around 20°C - perfect for walking). First thing we discovered was the view from behind the cottage. Unbelievably beautiful. A few days later we would find ourselves there in the evening with a bottle of champagne, celebrating our 20th marriage anniversary, enjoying (in our opinion) the most beautiful view the entire world has to offer (words cannot describe - see attachments).

We enjoyed everything, the views, the surroundings, the walks (we were in Dolgellau twice before, but this time the weather allowed us to climb the Cadair Idris), the cottage itself. We adored reading (and re-reading) the book "The house that George built", and we literally spent hours reading (and re-reading) the guest books. (Many thanks to you and your family for writing in the guestbooks yourselves !!). We usually don't get into writing more than the obligatory couple of lines in any guest book, but this time we filled a whole page...

We noticed that many guests come back. We really hope you will continue to rent the cottage, we'd love to come back too !

Warm regards,
Jan - Carine - Dieter - Tomas

View from above the cottage  Sunset

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This is what Antonin and Violette who stayed in the cottage in October 2016 wrote in the guest book:

‘Excellent séjour au Pays de Galles! Dans un cottage, perdu au milieu des pâturages verts, on se sent bien. A l’étage, deux chambres bien agréables et chaleureuses. On ne peut demandez plus cosy! Merci à John pour avoir mis à disposition sa petite merveille de cottage gallois.’

Here's a comment from our guest book:

From the guest book


Here's another comment from our guest book:

From the guest book

And here's a typed version of the same comment:

23rd - 30th May 2015 Dave and Linda. First visit from Kent. Wow well knocked out by just about everything - the road from Dolgellau - the views from the cottage - the decor - the weather. Ha we have been spoilt sun sun sun - OK a few clouds and a drop of rain but hey it's Wales - love the view of Barmouth from the back (best place for internet signal too) Love the place and solitude and not even the visitors spoilt that (3 cows - 14 sheep and lambs 3 lads off roading on 4x4s - 2 mountain bikes - a lonesome cross country runner) Dawn chorus - cuckoo. The cottage history very interesting. So pleased we found this place. Hope it remains eternal - love and peace.

From a review on airbnb in June 2015:

Despite a hiccup in the booking process at the start John's communication was faultless and the Instructions to find what is a somewhat remote place ( exactly what we wanted) were excellent! Magic Mountain is exactly what it says on the tin. From the moment you arrive in the tranquil and private clearing you are somehow transported back in time. Nothing but the sound of a crackling fire in the evening, Bird song in the mornings and the odd baaaaa from the sheep around the property. The view from the back of the cottage over Barmouth is as everyone says absolutely breathtaking ! As are all views in whichever direction you walk I am all out of superlatives ... Its one of the most perfect places we have ever visited... Sitting in Barmouth enjoying a cold Cider in the sunshine we marveled at a lovely and quite easy couple of mile walk..... and then looked back across the Estuary at the crop of trees we knew to be surrounding our home..... OMG its a climb to get back... but so worth it ... I felt I had earned the hotdogs and beers when we finally made it! Not a peep out of the Dog for the rest of the evening :o) We will be back !!!! Thank you John x